Our Standards and Recommendations

Along with providing home automation products and services, we also recommend the best techniques to utilize your smart home devices to the fullest. With years of experience and knowledge we have formulated a complete guide to help you make the most out of your smart home. Following these standards will help your homes, office, hotel or any other commercial project to take full advantage of your existing systems.

Finest Connectivity

Various smart home devices can be connected by adopting a particular technology, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you have already installed a few automation devices from a different manufacturer, relax! Our products are designed such that they can be easily integrated with different brands.

The Right Way to Get Started…

You can only experience the true luxury of home automation when you have the perfect plan. Inzaa offers the highest flexibility and our team will prepare a plan tailored to accommodate all your demands. So if you are thinking to get a smart home, Inzaa is the way to go!

Know what suits you the best

Inzaa home automation is synonymous with creativity and innovation. We promise to look after your every need. However, a simple start paves way for smooth transition and easy integration. We recommend launching the magical transformation to begin with simple devices. Our experts will guide you in this process and help you decide on what to choose.

Presence Detection

To make the lighting, shading, and HVAC work accurately, a presence sensor is a must. To take advantage of the automatic opening of blinds, automatic lighting, and for control of heating & cooling, presence detection is important.

Contact Sensors

Contact sensors respond when something opens or closes. This essentially helps make intelligent decisions about the security system at home. Lighting & shading is also dependent on the information gathered from these contact sensors.

Control Element

For better control of all smart devices, a control element is required. This helps customize settings whenever you want. A control element helps adjust the smart devices to your changing needs.

Temperature & Air quality sensors

To regulate the room climate and for the best performance of HVAC, temperature & humidity sensors are required.

What should you expect?

The rewards of having a smart home are plenty. Home automation elevates your standard of living by giving you the convenience, comfort, and security, you deserve. With our smart home products & services, we make sure that you live a relaxed life and experience the peace of mind you have always desired.

Apart from the impressive product range, Inzaa also provides an app for controlling various home functionalities under one roof, ensuring that you have entire control of the house just with a click.