Intelligent Home Makeover
From making intelligent decisions and saving energy to enhancing security – Our smart home solutions have everything you’ll ever need. Take an everlasting break from the monotonous routine and relax while you have your smart home automated to take care of itself.

Smart Solutions for  your Home

Don’t like the lighting? change it with a touch. Sounds great, right?

Our smart home automation products will be perfectly integrated with your residence. Without any hassle and huge investments, we make it quick and smooth. We’ll automate your home according to your custom and variable needs. You can even control and personalize your smart home remotely with your smartphone or tablet.


Self-regulating Light automation solutions for homes and offices that’ll serve and adapt according to your moods.


Shading is more than just protection from the sun. Set up intelligent solutions to achieve huge energy savings with enhanced comfort and privacy.

Room Climate

Control manually or let our complex smart home automation systems control every room with advanced temperature and humidity sensors.


Save energy as you gain complete control of the usage. Reduce unnecessary usage with remote monitoring and maximize efficiency.

Multiroom Audio

Let your favourite beats follow wherever you go. Get sophisticated text-to-speech converters and control your smart home with your voice.


Make your smartphones smarter by combining access control solutions in smart apps. Use NFC Code Touch to change how and who can access utilities.

Apartments & MDUs

Equipping residential houses and MDUs with smart home solutions attracts dwellers. It is proven to be a highly profitable investment since home automation brings down energy costs while subsequently adding to the house value. Apart from that, smart solutions for homes also ensure occupant comfort and security.

Office & Business

A good working environment will help employees concentrate more on business tasks. Adjusted office lighting, suitable temperature and, good air quality will serve as a comfortable setting and help avoid interruptions caused due to discomfort.


Impress your guests with smart hospitality. Be it a hotel, a restaurant, a showroom, or a bar, with Inzaa’s unmatched automation technology, you have the power to boost efficiency and save energy. For instance, you can remotely turn off lights in a vacant guest room with our lighting control facility.

Custom Application

We can fulfill automation needs for all kind of environment. With our intelligent hardware and software tools, we cater to a wide variety of requirements. We can bring efficiency and comfort in areas you would have never even imagined to could get the touch of automation.

Handy Key Fob for control access

With this technology, all you need to do is hold up your authorized NFC Key Fob up to the NFC Code Touch to get access to homes, offices, or garages. It’s handy, affordable, secure and easy to use. In case you misplace your Key Fob, you can delete permissions associated with that key to eliminate any risk of unsanctioned access, instead of replacing the entire lock.

Products for every need

We have complete collection of home automate products for all possible Smart Home Solutions you’ll ever need. From lighting equipment to multi-room audio player, temperature and air quality sensors to security mechanism tools, and more. With our carefully designed equipment, we make your interaction with the house smart, efficient, and exceptionally smooth. All this while you make significant savings.

Apartments and Offices

With a variety of options in Inzaa’s security tools, you can explore various settings and gain control for monitoring your entire building. Sensitive data or power rooms can be made available to only admins while the residents can be given access to standard data of general rooms.

Manage & Control Access

Security is a major concern today and Inzaa enhances home security by giving complete control to decide the access permissions of different devices on individual basis.

Free software updates

We always try to update our tools to meet the latest trends. This makes us one of the top Home Automation companies in Bangalore  Every update enhances your experience, brings nothing but the best to you, and most importantly, these extended updates are free.

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