Control blinds & shading intelligently

Control blinds & shading intelligently

Make your blinds and shading responsive. Let the blinds and shading understand your routine and make intelligent decisions accordingly. Automatically lower blinds to ensure privacy at home or close them when everyone leaves an office room. With such remarkable features, Inzaa home automation redefines comfort, adding to it, privacy, energy savings and more.

Prioritize Security system at home with Home automation

Prioritize Security system at home with Home automation

By using Inzaa home automation features, you will explore how easy it is to maintain security in residential or commercial buildings. Now you can log and track visits and create customized alarms.

You can integrate blinds, lighting, and audio systems to simulate presence and keep away intruders. Detect possible threats using high-tech sensors. So, now your smart home is independent, reliable, and secure to the highest level.


Comfort & savings

Maintain the correct temperature in your room. Your blinds will know when you need the warmth of the sun and when to block the sun rays to avoid irritation due to overheating. Consequently, with optimum usage, you save a lot of energy.

Night privacy

Our blinds will ensure your privacy and make sure you feel safe and secure in your home. Blinds lower themselves automatically at the scheduled time to avoid any unpleasant spying.

Flexible grouping

Each blind can have different purpose, control them individually. You can group certain blinds to function similarly while others can be configured to different settings giving you the highest level of sophistication.

Parental Control

You can explore the ‘lock’ option for your blinds & shading control. This will ensure that children do not gain unnecessary control, while you continue to access everything from the app.

Presence simulation

Even if you’re on vacation, your shading will know to continue working as if you were home. This constant activity will help scare off burglars.

Wake up easier

With the creative light combinations and intelligent automation techniques, you can experience the sunrise at your scheduled time, wake up fresh and energized each time.

True automation

Integration is a key factor in home automation. We make sure every home automate tool – multi-room audio, security equipment, shading, and lighting tools, all work together seamlessly.

Energy Savings

Following the sun’s motion and analyzing room climate, your smart blinds & shading adjust themselves to help you achieve maximum energy savings by optimizing the use of natural light.

Get easy control of home or offices with automation tools

Run your house by a touch

Run your house by a touch

Control your home or office lighting just by a tap. Our extensive touch-sensitive products make life simpler. We have tools that will provide you the flexibility you deserve. The wonderful thing about our products is how easily they can be installed and put to use.

Get started with our the irresistible automation lighting system for homes and offices

We make sure our products are of remarkable quality, deliver consistent results and are aesthetically pleasing as well. This has made us one of the top home automation companies in the entire state of Kerala, let alone Bangalore.

Roller Blinds

Automate every roller blind to control the flow of light. Create the atmosphere you want just by adjusting the blinds.

Exterior Shading

Integrate hurricane shutters to isolate any unpleasant outside weather conditions. Protect your home from any damage.

Excellent awning

Add to your house good quality awning to control intense sun exposure. Get the outdoor space ready for any occasion.

Custom shading

We are known to take challenges so rest assured as we provide custom shading solutions for all you needs.

Get Started with our smart blinds and automated shading in homes and offices

Browse though the various functionalities that automated Blinds & Shading offer

Smart homes

Along with comfort, convenience, and safety of home automation you’ll also get siginificant reduction in operating costs. By integrating various home automation tools, smart homes can amount up to 20% savings annually.

Office spaces

Automation brings profit and efficiency not only in homes or buildings but at workplaces too. With smart devices, one can concentrate on business tasks while the automation tools adjust lighting, shading, temperature all together with limited energy use.

Commercial properties

There’s hardly an end to the possible applications in automation with Inzaa. You can explore more from the ocean of options we provide for commercial properties.

Smartphones made smarter – App

Smartphones made smarter – App

Inzaa’s convenient feature – ‘click & control’. Control every home device in one place with our app. Our app is available for free and is even compatible with tablets and PC.