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Quit the restless Guarding and sleep peacefully

Gone are the days when people used to guard buildings and societies. With Inzaa home automation, your smart home is capable of taking care of itself. Using the advanced sensors and smart devices, smart homes will notify the residents of any suspicious activity, so that problematic situations can be tackled easily.

Prioritize Security system at home with Home automation

By using Inzaa home automation features, you will explore how easy it is to maintain security in residential or commercial buildings. Now you can log and track visits and create customized alarms.

You can integrate blinds, lighting, and audio systems to simulate presence and keep away intruders. Detect possible threats using high-tech sensors. So, now your smart home is independent, reliable, and secure to the highest level.

Smart and reliable security system that guards 24/7

Make security an integral part of your home with functions like:

Panic button

When you detect some strange actions near your home, while you are away, you can use the panic button to trigger activities like raising blinds, flashing lights, and turning on music to scare off the bad guys with presence simulation.

Parental controls

With good parental controls, you can keep the kids away from trying to operate delicate appliances. This helps ensure the safety of children by preventing any accidental or incorrect use of devices.

Damage control

By using smart solutions for home, you can prevent possible mishaps or major injury due to fire or short-circuits. By analyzing the possibility of occurrence the integrated device will notify immediately of any accidents.

Control through Apps

You can have the entire control of your house within the app. Home automation allows you to know the whereabouts of your home just by a tap. There’s no end to the ways you can control your smart home devices.

Flexible alarms

Choose the concerned areas and set the alarms for this zone. For example, at night you can choose to only activate the alarm on the ground floor while you can move freely upstairs.

Prevent false alarms

A second motion sensor must respond within a specific time frame to suppress a false alarm and trigger the next phase of alarm.

Track & log

Your Smart security system at home will log details of people visiting the house. You can see this in the app and take appropriate decisions. This feature truly brings out the applications of remote access.

Secured nights

Want to be sure that everything is in place and safe before you sleep? Open the Inzaa app and simply check it. If you customize certain settings, in addition to app notifications, speech reminders may also pop up in case there’s something you need to know.

Presence simulation

Your smart security system will work as it should during days when you are away. Faking human presence and opening & securing door or windows exactly as a human would do, your smart home will take care of itself.

Benefits of having a smart security system at home:

Burglar Protection

Smart homes will detect malicious activities and activate alarms to inform the residents. This ensures the safety and prevents any damage to property. This feature is also available for offices and commercial buildings.

Remote Control

The world of the Internet of Things has made it essentially simple to keep track and remotely access home or office devices. The flexibility that the Inzaa Security system offers is exceptional allowing you to close/open doors,windows and use all other features remotely.

Untroubled Lifestyle

With the touch of Inzaa home automation, your home is now your best friend, that understands you. It will strategically make things as smooth as possible.

Install the best security system at home

We make sure our products are of remarkable quality, deliver consistent results and are aesthetically pleasing as well. This has made us one of the top home automation companies in the entire state of Kerala, let alone Bangalore.

Alarm protection

Take advantage of the accurate sensing capabilities of our motion sensors installed on your doors and windows, to detect any suspicious activity.

Building Protection

Apart from intruder detection, with the cumulative efforts of sensors, handle dangerous situations like fire or water leak beforehand.

Extensions & Interfaces

We provide you a special DI extension and several other extensions so that you can integrate sensors and switches easily to enhance your security.

Control all features of your security system by:


Control your house by a touch

Control security settings of every room with a single device just by a tap. Our extensive touch-sensitive products make life simpler. We have tools that provide you the flexibility you deserve. The most wonderful thing about our products is how easily they can be installed and put to use.


Smartphones made smarter

Inzaa’s convenient – ‘click & control’ feature. Control every home device in one place with our app. Our app is available for free and is even compatible with tablets and PC.


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