Apartments & MDUs

Equipping residential houses and MDUs with smart home solutions attracts dwellers. It is proven to be a highly profitable investment since home automation brings down energy costs while subsequently adding to the house value. Apart from that, smart solutions for homes also ensure occupant comfort and security.

Automate Residential and Commercial buildings

Now experience the charm of automation not only in homes but even in your workplaces. We go beyond the ordinary and have the experience and ability to automate it all. With our sophisticated and smart solutions for home, we can transform ideas into reality. Comfort, security, convenience, and safety is our promise.

Office & Business

A good working environment will help employees concentrate more on business tasks. Adjusted office lighting, suitable temperature and, good air quality will serve as a comfortable setting and help avoid interruptions caused due to discomfort.


Impress your guests with smart hospitality. Be it a hotel, a restaurant, a showroom, or a bar, with Inzaa’s unmatched automation technology, you have the power to boost efficiency and save energy. For instance, you can remotely turn off lights in a vacant guest room with our lighting control facility.

Custom Application

Inzaa provides support for all kinds of tasks. With our intelligent hardware and software tools, we cater to a wide variety of requirements. We can help bring efficiency in tasks you thought had no chance of getting the touch of automation.


We have complete collection of home automate products for all possible Smart Home Solutions you’ll ever need. From lighting equipment to multiroom audio player, temperature and air quality sensors to security mechanism tools, and more. With our carefully designed equipment, we make your interaction with the house smart, efficient, and exceptionally smooth. All this while you make significant savings.

Handy Key Fob for Control access

With this technology, all you need to do is hold up your authorized NFC Key Fob up to the NFC Code Touch to get access to homes, offices, or garages. It’s handy, affordable, secure and easy to use. In case you misplace your Key Fob, you can delete permissions associated with that key to eliminate any risk of unsanctioned access, instead of replacing the entire lock.