Take nothing but music along, everywhere

Experience a new way of enjoying music

Home automation multiroom audio can do more than just play music. A well-integrated automated audio system for a home can communicate with other smart devices to give you an overall experience of joy and relaxation. Wake up listening to your favorite music or get your work done with text-to-speech converters.

The best audio experiences

Let the music follow wherever you go. With Inzaa home automated multiroom audio features, you have the freedom to transfer songs from room to room. You can even change songs in every room. It’s all about your preferences. Hold on, there’s more to this. Your automated multiroom system will know exactly when to use a custom sound or a flashing light as a substitute for the doorbell. Great, isn’t it?

Experience a new lifestyle with multiroom home automation audio system

Explore the possibilities of the multi-functional audio system

Extreme Flexibility

Customized doorbell

Fresh Mornings

Alarm warnings

Text-to-speech reminders

Full integration

True automation

High Compatibility

Modern greets

Benefits of automated multi-room audio system


Inzaa’s multiroom audio system is very flexible and it will adapt to your changing needs. Let the music beats seamlessly flow in the entire house or explore the wide variety of music by creating zones in your smart home for different genre of music.


You can integrate your multi-room audio setup with your lighting system, blinds, and other smart devices to experience true automation. With such coordination, you will live your life like never before.

Endless Possibilities

A Multi-room audio system will do more than just play music. Turn on music automatically as the blinds unfold in the morning, choose sounds to replace doorbell, set text-to-speech reminders, and more.

Less investment, more flexibility and vast functionality

We make sure our products are of remarkable quality, deliver consistent results and are aesthetically pleasing as well. This has made us one of the top home automation companies in the entire state of Kerala, let alone Bangalore.

Wall Speakers

Ceiling Speakers

Other Speakers

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Transcend the ordinary with Inzaa products. Find a wide range of multi-room audio automation products

IR Control Air

Integrate the control of various infrared devices, including TV, Air Conditioner, heaters, etc with IR Control Air. Now you can control your audio system and blinds all from a single device.

Music Server

Bring everything together. Control music and audio system of the entire house through a single source.


Inzaa provides a stunning speaker with great voice quality. Our speakers are handy, have an attractive look, and fits perfectly in any room.

Remote Air

Change anything in your house instantly. Whether you want to adjust music volume, control HVAC, lighting, or shading – do it intelligently and quickly, just by a click.

Play music automatically or by…

Control your house by a touch

Control the music in every room with a single device just by a tap. Our extensive touch-sensitive products make life simpler. We have tools that provide you the flexibility you deserve. The wonderful thing about our products is how easily they can be installed and put to use.


Smartphones made smarter

Inzaa’s convenient feature – ‘click & control’. Control every home device in one place with our app. Our app is available for free and is even compatible with tablets and PC.

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