Automated Lighting System for Homes and Offices


Versatile Lighting

Our amazing lighting controls can be effortlessly integrated while building your house or with the already installed lighting fixtures with ease. Smart automated home lighting system is an eminent part in every home automation process and with our experience it will always be done right. Set the correct feel of your home with our advanced lighting controls through gestures, Inzaa smart apps, or simply by a touch.

Switch up the Mood

Create your personalized lighting by blending colors from various light sources. Choose from varying intensities and build unique symmetries with light. Analyze the incoming sunlight and adjust home lighting automatically to use energy exactly when required. Now you can enhance the ambiance of your rooms and offices with dazzling lights.

Explore the possibilities of the Automated Lighting System

Get your hands off the traditional switches. With Inzaa’s home automation lighting systems you can maximize the control of residential/ commercial lightings. With our smart integrated devices, you can regulate:


Find a sweet spot between too bright and too dull by adjusting the brightness with our smart home automate tools.

Smooth transition

The struggle of getting back to senses from that sudden bright light to the eye is real. Be gentle to your eye with the gentle fading feature of Inzaa home automation lighting systems.

Presence simulation

Make your homes extra smart to fake human presence in the home when it is idle to keep the bad guys away. This handy tech is an in-built utility of our home automation lighting system.

Fancy alerts

Convert the noisy alarms into flashing light alerts on your ceilings, in case of fire or burglary. Extend this concept to replace your doorbell and give a warm welcome to your guests the moment they enter.

Energy savings

Automatically detect vacant rooms to turn off unnecessary electricity consumption and save energy more than ever.

Parental control

Keep your little ones away from accessing the control of lighting in the house to avoid any mischievous activity when you are away. While you have complete remote access to everything through our apps.

Find your way

In case you need lights at night while in bed, all you have to do is move an inch. Our powerful presence sensors will detect your need and illuminate your path precisely without waking up others.

Wake up Schedule

With the creative light combinations and intelligent automation techniques, you can experience the sunrise at your scheduled time, now, in your comfy beds, to wake up fresh and energized.

Optimize sunlight usage

Automatically adjust the home lighting according to the flow of natural light to get the soothing gleam and maximum energy efficiency.

How will the home Automation Lighting System benefit you?

Smart homes

Perfect lighting adds charm to any occasion. With amazing lights of just the right intensity, color and at the most desirable spot our home automation lighting system will provide an impressive setting to work, eat, play, or even dance.

Our tip: Use indirect lighting with LED Strips along the ceiling or below the kitchen counter.

Office spaces

Good lighting can help increase productivity by manifold. The right lighting design will significantly improve employee’s concentration and provides an overall performance boost.


Our tip: Fill the general area with direct and indirect lighting and have specific work area lighting.

Commercial properties

There’s hardly an end to the possible modifications in home lighting with Inzaa. You can explore more from the ocean of options we provide for commercial properties.


Our tip:  On top of our essential lighting products and interfaces, you can even integrate almost any light fixture on the market.

Get started with our the irresistible automation lighting system for homes and offices

We make sure our products are of remarkable quality, deliver consistent results and are aesthetically pleasing as well. This has made us one of the top home automation companies in the entire state of Kerala, let alone Bangalore.

Ceiling lights

Play around with vibrant colors and light up your rooms with our magical ceiling lights. Try our LED Spots for an even more mesmerizing experience.

Accent lighting

Decorate the specific areas in your house with our exceptionally beautiful accent lighting. For example, light up the staircase or add interactive lighting to the dining table.

Indirect Lighting

Add fancy lights along the ceiling or beneath the furniture. With Indirect lighting, distribute light evenly throughout the room.

Night Light

Browse through our amazing night lighting products for a soothing and peaceful nighttime ambiance.

Explore the Inzaa Shop

With our compatible products, now integrate almost everything.


Whether you have CFLs or LEDs, you now have our special dimmers to control the intensity of lights just as you wish.


Inzaa also provides additional support for DMX & DALI. With integrated solutions, you can have the best control.


Miniserver is the heart of your smart home. Acting as central control, you can explore tons of features with mini-server extensions and interfaces.

Tree & Air

Control of your lighting like never before. Use our 24V dimmer for extra features.

Get easy control of home or offices with automation tools


Let the magic unveil on your fingertips

Control your home or office lighting just by a tap. Our extensive touch-sensitive products make life simpler. We have tools that will provide you the flexibility you deserve. The wonderful thing about our products is how easily they can be installed and put to use.


Smartphones made smarter


Inzaa’s convenient feature – ‘click & control’. Control every home device in one place with our app. Our app is available for free and is even compatible with tablets and PC.


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