Prioritize your Energy Consumption with Inzaa

Take complete control of your Energy Bills

Explore the most innovative ways of energy conservation. ‘Manage, Control, and Save’ is the goal of home automation with Inzaa. Discover the potential of smart homes by maximizing energy efficiency with significant cost savings.

Things work better when integrated with perfection

Inzaa helps you pull off all your smart devices and make them stand united to achieve huge benefits. Your automated lighting system, smart blinds, and HVAC controls all work together so that you get the most out of home automation – maximum efficiency, reduced energy consumption, security, and assured comfort.

Huge Energy Saving with little effort

Inzaa makes efficiency and energy conservation a part of your smart home with the following functions:

Avoid Wastage

Conserving made Simple

Monitor statistics

Manage heating & cooling

Manage power supply

Instant notification

Integrating energy plans with residential or commercial buildings

Smart homes

Along with comfort, convenience, and safety of home automation you’ll also get siginificant reduction in  operating costs. By integrating various home automation tools, smart homes can amount up to 20% savings annually.

Office spaces

Automation brings profit and efficiency not only in homes or buildings but at workplaces too. With smart devices, one can concentrate on business tasks while the automation tools adjust lighting, shading, temperature all together with limited energy use.

Commercial properties

There’s hardly an end to the possible applications in automation with Inzaa. You can explore more from the ocean of options we provide for commercial properties.

Get started with our the irresistible automation lighting system for homes and offices

We make sure our products are of remarkable quality, deliver consistent results and are aesthetically pleasing as well. This has made us one of the top home automation companies in the entire state of Kerala, let alone Bangalore.

Relays & Extensions

We have got you the best integration techniques for your smart devices. With a variety of relays & extensions, we help bring everything together and work seamlessly.


A powerful mini server sits at the heart of your automated house. It keenly analyses inputs from various sensors and monitors switches, so that you can be at peace.

Efficient HVAC

Our amazing and flexible HVAC controls help regulate heating & cooling efficiently such that the overall energy costs drop by almost 20%.


Sensors help you sense and monitor changes continuously. Inzaa’s Smart Home Solutions will use tons of sensors that will monitor everything ranging from temperature change to air quality.

Get easy control of home or offices with automation tools

Control your house by a touch

See your energy usage just by a tap. Our extensive touch-sensitive products make life simpler. We have tools that provide you the flexibility you deserve. The wonderful thing about our products is how easily they can be installed and put to use.


Smartphones made smarter

Inzaa’s convenient feature – ‘click & control’. Control every home device in one place with our app. Our app is available for free and is even compatible with tablets and PC.

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Being the leading home automation company in Bangalore and in the entire state of Kerala, we have the resources and experience to execute projects of all scales. Be it automation of your home, office or any other commercial property with tons of ideas and quality products our experts will do it all for you.

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