Smart lighting controls for homes & businesses

Multi-functional lighting
Lighting affects not just what you can see, but also how you feel. In any smart home or commercial building. With either our specially developed LED lights or any third-party lights, they can be controlled to fit your needs and influence your wellbeing with maximum energy efficiency. Pair Motion Sensors with LED lighting fixtures for a truly automated, smart lighting system.

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lighting moods

Combine different light sources with varying light intensities and colors to create your unique lighting moods with endless possibilities. Each light can be addressed independently for the highest level of light control and creativity. For even more impressive lighting effects, we recommend indirect lighting with LED Strips along the ceiling or under the kitchen counter. 



See “lighting” as an
all-around smart
lighting system

Think beyond the basic “on” and “off”. With Loxone automation and light control, functionality goes beyond what any control systems can offer. Multiple smart home devices and systems work together so you have the choice of: 

Flashing alerts

When the building senses a fire or burglary, you will be alarmed with flashing ceiling lights in addition to a blasting alarm tone

Gentle transition

The gentle fading of light is easy on your eyes for the smoothest lighting control experience. This is true with any color used in your lighting moods, so there are no limits to your lighting possibilities.

Flashing alerts

When the building senses a fire or burglary, you will be alarmed with flashing ceiling lights in addition to a blasting alarm tone. Or simply replacing a doorbell, a flashing light can let you know when a guest is at your door.

Presence simulation

While you’re out of town, your home will know how to control lighting on and off as if you were still there. Burglars will be scared away from this act of presence.

Parental control

With parental control, it’s possible to “lock” the lighting button so that no change can be made when a child touches it. You can continue controlling lighting simply in the app.

Energy savings

Lights automatically deactivate when nobody is present. with a double-or triple-tap, you can be sure the whole room or whole building turns off respectively.

Wake up easier

Let the transition of lighting, mimicking the sun, wake you up in the morning. This will help your body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Find your way

If you get up at night, the presence sensors will trigger light to guide your way at right- bright enough to see but soft enough to not wake anyone.

Measuring natural light

Depending on the time of day and brightness, your lighting will automatically adjust to reach your desired level of intensity.

Benefits of lighting control in any setting

Smart homes

Office spaces


Lighting moods can help set the right atmosphere for having guests, preparing dinner, watching a movie and more. You have complete flexibility with unlimited color combinations, lighting intensities and various light sources.

Our tip: Use indirect lighting with LED Strips along the ceiling or below the kitchen counter.

The office space can be set for high productivity with the right lighting design. Smart lighting control can help stimulate employees’ brainpower at the right times of day. 

Our tip: Fill the general area with direct and indirect lighting and have specific work area lighting. 

No matter how creative your commercial property lighting design and needs may be, you have options for endless creativity and flexibility with your smart lighting system.

Our tip: On top of our essential lighting products and interfaces, you can even integrate almost any light fixture on the market.

Smart lighting system starter kit for your smart home or business

We specially develop our products to make sure each is made with the highest quality – by design, luminosity and energy consumption. Designed for use in any smart home or commercial property.

Ceiling lights

Pendulum accents

Indirect lighting


Fill the room with light and take advantage of flexible Tree topology with our trendy LED Spots and fully-functional Ceiling Light.

We recommend accent lighting to highlight unique features of an area such as a dining room table, seating area or staircase.

Our favorite for indirect lighting, LED Strips can be used basically anywhere. Try them behind or under furniture or along the ceiling.

Our Touch Nightlight does more than the name suggests. It includes all functions of a Touch Pure with the addition of alarm clock functions.

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Control any light on the market

No matter which light source, low- or high-voltage, full integration and smart light control is possible. Loxone even supports digital interfaces like DMX and DALI.



Miniserver & Extensions

Tree & Air

Our range of universal dimmers allows you to gently dim any light source – LED, halogen, you name it.

In addition to our specially developed Tree topology, Loxone also supports control with DMX and DALI.

By means of the Miniserver’s interfaces and extensions, you can connect all types of lights. Intelligent communication exists without needing wi-fi or the Cloud.

Besides the direct control of the Loxone Tree lights, you can control lighting with our 24V dimmer.

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Life becomes simpler with smart lighting control by true automation or…

By Touch

By app

Use our Touch Pure,
Touch, Touch Surface
or Remote.

Control any light in the room with just a tap. On any Touch switch, tapping the central point will switch your lighting scene. A double-tap will shut off the entire room. Find out how easy it is with our Loxone Switch Standard:

Always up-to-date
and accessible on
any device.

Instantly and easily change lighting moods in the Loxone App. You can always manage and monitor all smart home devices and functions. The app is free to download and available on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Inzaa Standard

Inzaa smart Home app


Inspiration for your smart home or building project

Whether you’re planning a new home or renovation, or maybe you’re just curious – you can find plenty of smart home & building automation inspiration in our Create Automation Magazine. It’s full of tips and ideas. Plus, it’s free to download.

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