Custom automation for special tasks in commercial properties

Tailored to the needs of your unique building project, Loxone offers the flexibility and variety to reliably automate your tasks and processes. With the Miniserver working at the core of any project, it intelligently optimizes work processes and increases efficiency of the building.

Offering a lifestyle that fits residents’ needs

What keeps renters happy and coming back for more? It’s all about lifestyle:


Automatic lights with personalized lighting moods, regulated temperature and more – all as you enter an MDU controlled by Inzaa. Residents will have control of their favorite features right in the app.

Plus, no energy will be wasted since the Mini server will intelligently shut off lights and devices that were left on longer than usual like desktop monitors or gaming consoles.

200+ building automation & smart home products

Inzaa offers a wide range of building automation & smart home products for the intelligent control of lighting, heating & cooling, security and more as a single ecosystem.

Easier than most electrical installations

Tree technology follows a free-form branching topology that suits any installation. One cable is color-coded to handle both communication between devices and carry power to them. This reduces the amount of cable needed by up to 50% while also reducing the effort to install.

Loxone offers the following functionality for large-scale developement

Building Protection and supervision – FIRE AND WATER ALARMS

Plenty of sensors are used throughout the building to detect temperature and water. This can help prevent costly damages. Once a danger is detected like a water leak, an alarm will be triggered and notification will be sent to the smartphones of designated management staff.

Simply designed for all ages

A Loxone solution is simple and flexible enough to use at any age. With special features, the home can be made safer too – especially for the aging population or anyone with a disability.

For example, appliances like an electric stove can be controlled with a valve to automatically shut off if left on – to prevent possible fire. For hearing impaired residents, a ceiling light can be configured to flash the light to replace a doorbell. Or for the visually impaired, messages over the Music Sever can alert residents if a sensor detects a window left open. There’s even technology to detect incomplete motion, suggesting a fall – a caregiver will receive notifications and have access to monitor the home’s actions.