Personalized smart solutions for homes and offices

Personalized smart solutions for homes and offices

Build smart homes with smart access control

Build smart homes with smart access control

Choose who can controls what. Redefine permissions to enhance the security system at home. Connect to the Inzaa home automation features and get control of every single configuration for your house

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Prioritize Security system at home with Home automation

Prioritize Security system at home with Home automation

By using Inzaa home automation features, you will explore how easy it is to maintain security in residential or commercial buildings. Now you can log and track visits and create customized alarms.

You can integrate blinds, lighting, and audio systems to simulate presence and keep away intruders. Detect possible threats using high-tech sensors. So, now your smart home is independent, reliable, and secure to the highest level.


Track visits

With Inzaa app features, you can easily track visits and the duration. No matter where you are in this world, you can always be sure that your house is safe from burglars. Moreover, by getting detailed information you can catch up with the guests you have missed.

Manage access rights

Depending upon specific roles, you can control who can access what and at which time. This will essentially increase security in the home and eventually lead to effective management.

Integrate any other system

We have got your back when it comes to integration. All our products will seamlessly fit into your custom doors, windows, or shutters. You just have to plan the access controls and the rest is on us.

Check entry points

You will be notified if you are missing out on closing some doors or windows. Leaving behind no uncertainties, you’ll be equipped with high security at all times.

Access made simple

No heavy lock and no bundle of keys. Switch to simple codes to get access to homes, garages, and offices.

Customized doorbell

Choose an amazing sound instead of the boring ‘ding-dong’. You can also schedule when not to play sounds, for instance during afternoon naps, and instead, use flashing ceiling alerts then.

Get started with our the irresistible automation lighting system for homes and offices

We make sure our products are of remarkable quality, deliver consistent results and are aesthetically pleasing as well. This has made us one of the top home automation companies in the entire state of Kerala, let alone Bangalore.

IR Control Air

Integrate the control of various infrared devices, including TV, Air Conditioner, heaters, etc with IR Control Air. Now you can control your audio system and blinds all from a single device.

Music Server

Bring everything together. Control music and audio system of the entire house through a single source.


Inzaa provides a stunning speaker with great voice quality. Our speakers are handy, have an attractive look, and fits perfectly in any room.

Remote Air

Change anything in your house instantly. Whether you want to adjust music volume, control HVAC, lighting, or shading – do it intelligently and quickly, just by a click.

Life becomes simpler with smart lighting control by true automation or…

Handy Key Fob to control access

With this technology, all you need to do is hold up your authorized NFC Key Fob up to the NFC Code Touch to get access to homes, offices, or garages. The best thing about it is its relatively easy use and affordable rate. In case you misplace your Key Fob, you can delete permissions associated with that key to eliminate any risk of unsanctioned access, instead of replacing the entire lock.

Smart homes

Along with comfort, convenience, and safety of home automation you’ll also get siginificant reduction in operating costs. By integrating various home automation tools, smart homes can amount up to 20% savings annually.

Office spaces

Automation brings profit and efficiency not only in homes or buildings but at workplaces too. With smart devices, one can concentrate on business tasks while the automation tools adjust lighting, shading, temperature all together with limited energy use.

Commercial properties

There’s hardly an end to the possible applications in automation with Inzaa. You can explore more from the ocean of options we provide for commercial properties.

Impressive App features

Impressive App features

Inzaa will bring to you true automation. Through the extraordinary features it offers, now you will be able to interact with your visitors instantly through apps. This would be a great help especially when you’re away but do not want to dishearten your guests. No matter where you are with Inzaa home automation, you will always feel like home everywhere.